Sleepout Chaperone Guidelines

  1. One (1) adult chaperone (21 or over) for every team of 10 youth (17 and under).

  2. Keep track of your team members at all times. Be sure you have all of their cell phone numbers and contact information for parents/guardians.

  3. A team will only be admitted to the stadium when all members of the team are registered. Register as a team at event registration, insuring that each has a wrist band with name and contact information of parents/guardians and chaperone.

  4. Devise a system for tracking your team at all times, including identification of a “home” location in case of separation. Familiarize yourself with the authorized and unauthorized areas for participants, the first aid stations and head quarters.

  5. Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the SLEEPOUT SAFETY AND SECURITY sheet and keep a copy with you. Identify Providence House Board members, staff and volunteers (by T-shirt colors and buttons) in case you need their assistance.

  6. Only registered participants will be permitted to enter and remain in the stadium. There will be only one entrance and exit (approved by the Fire Marshal) to ensure safety and control of the stadium.

  7. Once a registered participant, of any age, enters the stadium, s/he will not be allowed to leave except in case of an emergency. If a participant leaves the stadium s/he will not be allowed to return. Check out procedures must be followed prior to exit at the gate entrance.

  8. Check to be sure that no member of your team is bringing unacceptable items into the stadium including weapons, food or drink.

  9. As the legal guardian you are responsible for appropriate behavior of your team. We have the right to dismiss any persons behaving inappropriately at any time.

  10. Remember that the Sleepout 4 Independence is not only a fun event, but also one in which to gain awareness and knowledge of homelessness, its causes and solutions. Encourage your team members to talk with Providence House residents and staff who will be on-site and easily identifiable. Discuss the cause for which your team is raising money: ending homelessness one family at a time.

  11. In case of emergency, assemble your team in designated safe areas and follow instructions by authorities.

  12. If you, as chaperone, must leave the team at any time, designate someone to be responsible until your return. If you must leave the stadium, be sure another adult is in place before you leave and is registered with our authorities and follow exit procedures.